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September 2017
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Hi! everyone,

I’ve set up this website as a helper to anyone who is interested in becoming self sufficient in energy and is looking for different methods of implementation through Solar Power Lights. It’s a renewable and efficient source of lighting for your home or office that will help you cut drastically your utility bills.

You’ll find inside numerous articles with, tips, tricks, videos and strategy advice designed to help you get through the process faster, by recommending blueprints and guides on how to build your own energy efficient systems, through Solar Power Lights.


First of all, here’s a brief rundown of…

Your Lighting Solution For Home and Garden!

You’re in your study and reach for the desk lamp. You flick on a switch and the light comes on. Wonderful, isn’t it? Imagine if the same electricity is provided by solar power lights. It’s a renewable and efficient source of lighting for your home that’s a fraction of the cost of your utility bill.

Think about it. Solar power lights save you money and what’s more, you’ll be saving the environment. You’ll get an efficient source of power for your home lighting requirements without locking into the utility grid. And you and I both know that power companies burn either fossil fuel or coal for energy – not counting hydro electric dams, that is.

Now, what does burning coal or finite fuel produce? Hazardous gas emissions, that’s what. Enough to punch a massive hole in the ozone layer with plenty of pollutants. Harmful ultra violet rays won’t get filtered before the Sun’s rays hit the Earth, causing some serious issues to the environment. So if you’re using solar power lights, you won’t be contributing to environmental damage.

Solar Power Lights – For Night Use

You probably leave some of your lights on during the day, don’t you? Have you checked your electricity bill lately? Much of the cost comes from not switching off the power on your appliances. And by that I mean physically turning off the power at source. Better yet, unplug the appliance from the electricity socket. Your laptop may be turned off, but so long as it’s still connected to the power source, your bill’s going to escalate.


Your solution is solar power lights. They only give you light at night. Why? Because the energy is stored in batteries during the day when sunshine hits photovoltaic cells. It’s great if you’re in sunny Miami, believe me. The sun never seems to sleep there. Lots of high heat hitting the solar panels to produce AC current. The energy is stored in batteries, and then converted to DC current for your household lighting.

Your lights could gradually fade over the night but the energy in the batteries will power your lights on right through the night. You could have a portion of your light through solar power lights and use the energy grid for the rest of your household, if you still want to be part of the conventional power system. One of the ideal ways to use solar lights is in your yard.

Lighting Up Your Garden

Your solar power lights come on with the DC energy the batteries store from sunshine. You get low voltage options that are perfect for your garden. Dim lighting has a knack of revealing the beauty of your landscape. They’re likely to make your neighbors gawk at your skill. Quite an accomplishment, that.

Solar power lights are just that. Solar powered. There’s no need to fuss over electrical wiring. No cable guy stomping on the flower beds and ruining the buttercups. And no, you don’t have to hide unsightly wires behind potted plants either. Or worry about Fifi chewing on exposed wires and getting zapped in the process.


You can cart your lights around and re-position them at whichever end of the garden you fancy that gets direct sunlight. Tuck them away with the tulips or with the gardenias, it’s your call. And what’s more, the in-built photo sensors turn the lights off during the day and on at night. They come on at sundown in a soft glow. Pretty romantic, really.

And you know the absolute best thing about solar power lights? They don’t burn fossil fuel. No, sir – you’re not polluting the environment with carbon dioxide emissions and adding to the greenhouse effect. One greenhouse in your backyard is quite enough, if you ask me.

My Solar Garden

You know, I really have to let you in a secret. It’s about “My Solar Garden” – a new ebook that’s full of great information about putting the lights in your lilies. You can join the hordes of people who’re increasingly aware of the benefits of solar power lights and what they can do for your yard. You can proudly reveal your brand new efficient lighting system to your friends and associates with the tagline “my solar garden”.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, solar power lights are a darn good low voltage alternative to the high cost of regular electricity. If you’ve noticed, utility bills aren’t exactly cheap these days, what with the recession biting and all. Solar power is an energy source that’s simply waiting to light up your life. When you use solar power lights for your garden, your lovely landscape will glow with the trademark suffused lighting.


Why don’t you take a look at ‘My Solar Garden’ and see for yourself how you can transform a once staid and lackluster yard to an absolute fairyland!