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August 2017
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I am all in favor when it comes for anything green. As you might know Renewable Sources Of Energy are becoming very popular all around the world , we are at the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to the true potential for solar and wind power applications.

I have been studying and researching this field on-line and I have found amazing things that you can do with solar and wind power. In my view these technologies will change the planet and our lives to.

In the near future it would not be science fiction that your windows will include a thin sheet of photovoltaic cells that produce electricity and be connected to your home energy system…way pass the solar panels technology, all this is being researched at this moment and it is not going to stop.

Anybody will have access to these technologies. This innovations can apply anywhere, almost any surface…the nanotechnology implementations for green power will be endless.

Can you imagine! solar panels installed in your backyard or roof so efficient that produce enough energy for you to run almost all your home needs? and combined with wind turbines you can have your whole house up and running.

If you want to take it further you can even live of the grid!, meaning that you can live in the mountains, on a beach or a meadow if you want to and not worry about electrical needs, amazing!…sounds like rocket science but it can be done right now.

Of course with more development and time we all have the opportunity to become energy independent. This concept alone is revolutionizing our civilization I am a positive person and think that in the near future amazing implementations will evolve from solar and wind energies.


This is one of the reasons I put up this site and will be evolving in promoting clean energy trough all the Internet so you and I can one day soon become energy independents more easily.

A. Arvizu
A. Arvizu

I am no only talking about cutting energy costs, but just the mere joy of implementing these wonders, either by ourselves or with the help of others.

For me it is important to contribute to our planet´s well being and to tell you the truth it just makes me feel in harmony with nature.

Best and Enjoy.
A. Arvizu