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August 2017
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Create a Lovely Solar Garden with a Solar Landscape Light

Are you aware that many folks are opting for eco friendly lighting solutions for their garden? Yep, the green gang has revitalized solar lighting choices. What’s the fuss all about, you ask? Well, for one, using a solar landscape light is just about the wisest decision you can make to accent your garden beautifully at night.


Why not use regular halogen lights, you ask? Because I don’t think you want to see what your energy bill’s going to look like at month end. No one wants to make that big a dent in their paycheck, not even you. And in case you haven’t noticed, the recession’s still on.

Free Energy Source

So what’s the deal then with a solar landscape light? You’re using a free energy source in your solar garden. Isn’t that great? Just sunlight for energy – no connections to the power sockets in your home. Your solar garden will be effectively off the power grid. Can’t say that’s a bad thing.

You can cost efficiently illuminate your solar garden with a solar landscape light that works purely on batteries charged by the sun. Solar collectors convert sunlight to energy that’s stored in nickel cadmium or NiCad batteries. These release the energy when it’s nightfall so your landscape lights come on like magic. It’s quite a sight to behold, really – suddenly seeing your whole garden flicker and come alive with light just as the sky gets dark.

Light Up Your Garden

Do you think your garden needs a bit of livening up? Then use a solar landscape light for the job! Get creative and funky with orange and purple lights blinking in the bushes. Use stone solar powered garden lights on the garden fence. Brings a nice touch to your overall solar garden presentation. You could further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard with shiny, polished and curved solar landscape lights.


They give the impression of understated luxury to your home. Garden gnomes and fairies are perfect solar light designs for transforming your solar garden into an absolute wonderland. Dwarves and lighthouse designs will be conversational solar fixtures that keep your guests interested for hours.

Illuminate your Trees

You should make the trees, bushes and shrubs in your garden look remarkable. You can do that with the correct solar landscape light positioned strategically at several spots in your solar garden. The gentle glow from electricity free solar powered garden lights are ideal for that night time shine in your yard. Whether you’re using cast iron designs or brass or brushed pewter for your solar landscape lights, your garden’s sure to attract lots of attention. That’s pretty nice.

What about having hanging solar landscape lights suspended from the top of your rose bush? Maybe you can have a solar lamp post or a tiered solar post light along the pathway leading to your water fountain. Put solar powered garden lights among your daffodils and dandelions. Tuck a solar landscape light in a nook or cranny among your marble garden sculptures. The solar collectors can be positioned somewhere else with direct sunlight. You can then link the batteries to the light fixture. No one will even know you’ve switched to solar landscape lights. There won’t be any tell tale signs that’ll give you away.

Illuminate your Statues

Any statues on the front yard need to be lit up too. Maybe you have a couple of cherubs or stone dogs near a garden bench. Focus your solar landscape light in such a way that you bring these delightful statues to life. If there’s a railing close by, fix a tube solar landscape light on the underside of the railing for ambiance. Indirect sources of solar powered garden lights give ambient lighting that softly glows. You can also fix these under garden umbrellas or on overhangs. The exterior wall of the shed’s a good place for wall sconces. A solar post light is another option to really make your solar garden appealing. Make sure the pathways in your garden and in your back yard are well lit up. Use a solar flood light in the backyard to frighten off possible prowlers.


By the way, when you’re selecting a solar landscape light, take into account what you’re going to use the light for. If it’s for decorating your solar garden, then find fixtures that are attractive and give out a nice colored light. Get a little creative in your choices. Don’t always go for the tried and true. You can get an easy to assemble DIY kit to help you along the way. That way, you can just follow the instructions and position your light fixtures anywhere you want to. Stick to the brightly lit areas, though. Your solar landscape lights need lots of sunshine to function properly.

Have I got you very interested in the whole idea of a solar garden? Good! Navigate my site and you’ll find even more gems of information that you can use to light up your garden. Get your solar landscape light right away!