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August 2017
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Solar Light
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Solar Deck Lights

Redefining Your Outdoor Area

Have you got a deck in your home? Do you want to liven it up at night? Then install solar deck lights – an energy efficient alternative to brightening your deck under the stars.


Accenting your deck with solar lights also adds safety to your surroundings. A wonderfully lit area at night wards off potential criminal activity. Fido can take a rest from his night vigil too.

Basic Benefits of Solar Deck Lights

Your solar deck lights get their energy from batteries with photo voltaic, or PV, cells. These are charged during the day to let off the energy at nightfall so your lights come on automatically. They don’t depend on a switch to work.

Wiring isn’t necessary for solar deck lights. That’s great as cords will mar the clean lines of your attractive deck. They’re even better for existing decks since you won’t need to dismantle anything to link the wiring.

You get ease of movement with solar deck lights. Install them anywhere on the deck you fancy. Since you won’t be plugging cords into the power socket, you don’t have to concern yourself with electrical faults causing a fire. Just make sure there’s enough direct sunlight in the location you choose to charge the PV cells. Otherwise your lights won’t work. Position them away from any trees in your solar garden. Don’t let any part of the house obstruct the sunlight from falling on the PV cells.

Solar deck lights aren’t a substitute for solar security lights or a solar flood light, though. The light your get from sun powered deck lights might just be enough to bathe the deck and steps leading to the patio with a muted glow. Not exactly your idea of maximum security. But they’re pretty good for parties and gatherings. Your guests can mingle in the cool night air, enjoying a gossip and a gin and tonic.


Affordable Lightning

If you’re wondering about the cost of actually installing solar deck lights outdoors, don’t worry. You won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Apart from the solar lighting, you’ll be saving a hefty sum in maintenance, wiring, repairs and replacements. Most of all, you’ll cut down your energy bills. Free and unlimited energy won’t cost you a dime so long as the Sun shines tomorrow.

Solar deck lights are an excellent complement to your conventional lights. Being connected to the local power grid is necessary when you haven’t got all your electrical requirements on solar power. You can do the whole solar deck lights thing yourself with a few simple tools – nothing you can’t find in your tool box.

You supply the labor so it’s zero installation costs. No need for an expensive professional to help you complete the job. Your investment in solar deck lights will pay you handsome dividends in aesthetic appeal and cost savings. You can free up your money for little luxuries like a new Louise Vitton bag or Tag Heuer watch.

Decorating Your Solar Garden DecGarden

When you’re decorating your solar garden with attractive solar landscape lights, you won’t be running out of fuel. Or feel the pinch of a hike in fuel charges. The savings in energy costs make the whole solar idea worthwhile, believe me. And you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by relying on a clean energy source.

Financially, an average household can easily afford solar deck lights. It’s a low cost but high density renewable energy source that beats regular and costly electricity any day. And there’s another benefit I’ve got to tell you about. You’ll actually enhance the value of your home with these solar lights. Bring a potential buyer to view your home at night when the solar landscape lights are all aglow and you’ll have an immediate offer. Guaranteed. Those beautiful accents make your property more appealing.

Your solar deck lights can not only illuminate your patio but also the pathway in your solar garden. Combine them with a free standing solar post light and you’ve got a winner. Solar powered garden lights are excellent embellishments to your outdoors. You can re-define your space and attract attention to focal points in your garden. No paving stones need to get lifted and trenches need to get dug to fit your solar landscape lights.

You can transform your courtyard or lawn into a night time extravaganza of color and illumination to rival the riot of contrasting colors in ‘Mouline Rouge’. How about having colored fireflies between your plants? Or 6 sided lanterns suspended on a solar post light? Fancy lighting up a garden wall with a solar flood light?

Take the initiative to invest in solar deck lights. Light up your patio and porch with suffused lighting to set the mood for rest and relaxation. Be a part of the growing number of folks concerned about preserving the environment. And put a cap on your energy bills today!