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August 2017
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Solar Light
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Solar Lamp Post

Are you planning on lighting up your yard?

Get a solar lamp post for the job. Why do I say that? Because it runs on cheap, free and renewable energy.


Just about the best deal there is when you’re want lights shining all night long. Think how much it’s going to cost you if your lights are hooked up the local power grid. Not something cheap, believe me!

And I could tell you another thing. You get pretty good security for your property with your solar lamp post blazing away in the yard. No cover for prowlers or trespassers. Unlikely you’ll get a break in anytime soon, either.

Interesting Benefits

Now that I’ve got your interest tweaked, let me give you a couple of interesting benefits of a solar lamp post. Do you really want a drab lawn? Why not liven the place up a bit with a few night lights? Your yard will be attractive and compelling. Get your neighbors talking no end about your newly found creativity.

What about having some friends over for a night barbecue? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Your solar lamp post will provide just the right amount of light for the party. You won’t be in any danger of burning the sausages.

Switching to A Solar Lamp Post

Have you already got a conventional lamp post standing sentry in your solar garden? Just replace the bulb with a solar one.


The solar collectors exposed to sunlight will charge the batteries during the day. You solar lamp post will light up automatically at night. No need to keep remembering to turn on the lights in the garden anymore.

Imagine not having to pay the cable guy to do electrical wiring. No unsightly cords to hide behind the flower beds. No chance of the kids tripping over loose wires. You also avoid the possibility of any accidental electrocution. Phew!

Stake your post some place in your solar garden that gets plenty of direct sunlight. It works best if the batteries get fully charged. Then you’ll have light for at least 8 hours without paying a dime to the energy company. You can beautify your yard with solar powered garden lights that show off your daisies and daffodils. Solar landscape lights have a knack of transforming your garden to a kind of fairyland. Tuck one close to the garden gnomes and watch them grin under the stars. Pretty quirky and eerie!

You could have a solar lamp post next to your front stairs or just outside your back door. Line several lamp posts along the driveway. Have a set of lights at the end of your garden and another next to the trees.
You can buy a solar lamp post in all sorts of styles and designs to suit your taste. Victorian, modern, classic – in fact, just about any style that rivals the regular plug in variety. No need to sacrifice on style. If you want my opinion, I’d say choose a few posts that really knock your socks off. Make a tall statement about your commitment to environmental preservation. Match the lamp post with your home colors. You’ll start a neighborhood drive to go green and clean. And that’s not a bad thing, if you ask me.

Save Your Money

It makes lots of sense to save expenses when energy bills are rising. I could do with a few extra dollars in the pocket at the end of the month. I bet you could too. Free power is something that’s simply there for the taking so you’d be better off getting your fair share.

Fancy having more budget saving gadgets around your home? Try installing a solar security light over your doorway. One that works on motion sensors. It’s great if it’s dark and you’ve dropped your door key. You don’t have to grope around looking for it or squint your eyes searching for the key hole.

Don’t get too worked up about the cost of buying a solar lamp post for your solar garden. They’re nearly the same price as regular lamp posts. Ground level posts could set you back about ten to twenty dollars. Taller fixtures cost at least several hundred bucks a piece.


But the great news is that, since you’re not paying for any power, the lamp posts will pay for themselves quite quickly.

Nowadays, solar lamp post lights are being used in parking lots and streets. They’re a whole lot better in shedding light than the little solar landscape lights flickering in your back yard. A solar lamp post can easily brighten your patio or porch, no sweat. And if it’s a bit overcast for a couple of days, the newer version batteries store enough energy to last a few nights in your solar garden.

Have I got you all fired up for a solar lamp post? I thought so. Why don’t you navigate my site and see what other great solar gizmos you could get? Get yourself acquainted with the wonders of having a solar garden today!