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August 2017
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How A Solar Post Light Can Illuminate Your Landscape

Thinking of sprucing up your landscape with post lights? You know, those tall posts, like Greek or Palladian columns, with a fancy light perched at the top?


How about installing a solar post light instead of something conventional connected to local power grid?

Post lights use solar energy straight from the sun and don’t contribute to the noxious gasses emitted by energy companies. Quite the deal as a far as going green is concerned. And there’s a bit of a growing populace that’s environmentally aware. You could brand yourself as a concerned citizen for the preservation of our own natural habitat.

With a solar post light, there’s no wiring snaking up or through the posts, either. So there’s no need to fork out sums for the cable technician to string up electrical wires and link it to the power mains. You know, labor cost can be a hefty amount these days.

Where To Post Your Lights?

Place your solar post light at the entrance to the driveway or as extravagant looking landscape pieces in your garden. Having a solar garden is a highlight in the call for energy efficient alternative sources of power. Pathways in your garden can be dramatically lit up with solar power. The unique fixtures come equipped with replaceable solar power batteries. A brass or black painted solar post light is ideal for outdoor lighting. Light distribution from aloft maximizes excitement!


There aren’t any transformers or wires to get in the way with positioning your solar post light. So you could put it up just about anywhere outdoors that you fancy – patio, pool, pathway, and pots – anything really. Have it standing proud nestled among the rose bushes or around your garden pond, lighting up the water lilies and ceramic frog. Some folks like to brighten all the edges of their solar garden. As the light comes on at night, you could have your garden lit right through till dawn.

Why A Solar Post Light?

Remember, there’s no cost to having a solar garden. The solar post light has solar cells that catch the energy of the sunlight and charge lithium batteries during the day. Internal control mechanisms switch the lights on at nightfall without you having to flick a switch. Your garden is lit for between 8 to 10 hours on fully charged batteries. They recharge again the next day.

And even if you forget about lighting up your garden, the solar post light won’t! That’s brilliant security too because your solar landscape lights deter wannabe burglars who assume you’re home when you’re vacationing in Hawaii. An effective watchman, that solar post light, I can tell you.

You don’t need much handiwork to install one, either. Just plant the column in the ground, much like driving a stake through the earth, and your light goes into action immediately. The absolutely perfect news is – your solar post light is zero maintenance. For a large solar garden, install at least four to six posts in strategic points so that the light illuminates your petunias and gardenias brightly.

post3Party Accents

Ever wanted to hold a garden party under the stars? Solar landscape lights will allow you to do just that. You could accent your solar garden with the tall copper or brass columns complete with grinning gargoyles at the top of your solar post light. Beautify your garden with solar lamp posts that can double up as conversational pieces about your commitment to solar energy. Everyone loves to mingle in the cool night air with a glass of wine in one hand and a delightful snack in the other. A solar post light can accomplish this for you. Why, you may end up being the talk of the town and even win over some new converts to your solar energy cause!

Cost Considerations

Okay, so now that I’ve told you how you can enliven your gatherings, you might want to know if solar landscape lights are cost effective. Yes, they are in the long run. The short run will see you investing a bit more in a solar post light than you would in a conventional columnar light. But there’s a caveat – you won’t be spending quite as much on utility bills, maintenance, wiring, replacements and other related costs in your solar garden as you would on those conventional gadgets. And that, my friends, is the crux of the issue. Saving money should be your priority in these leans times. When things look up economically, you’ll have lots more in your pocket at the end of the month.

A solar post light is a fantastic addition to your solar garden. Not only is solar landscape lighting exciting and dramatic, it’s also cheap and affordable in the long run. You can light up your yard with sturdy columns that rely only on the sun for energy – and that’s quite a smart move on your part, by any account!