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August 2017
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Solar Shed Light

Using A Solar Shed Light At Night

Have you got a shed that needs lighting but the nearest power outlet’s several yards away in your house? Your solution to that problem is a solar shed light.


The light blocks out the creepiness of working with your tools when dusk falls. And you don’t need expensive wiring to fix regular lights that tap into the local power grid.

If you’re an avid gardener sprucing up your solar garden, you’re likely to spend lots of time tinkering about in your yard. You’ll probably need to use the shed pretty frequently, getting your DIY stuff done. You can easily lose track of time when you’re doing something you’re passionate about. You don’t want a lack of light to stop you from hammering in that last nail, do you? So a solar shed light sounds like a mighty good investment to me.

Purchasing A Solar Shed Light

What should you look for when you’re out getting a solar shed light? For starters, sheds these days aren’t just a convenient spot to dump your excess solar garden figurines or furniture. You often use the shed to work on your do-it-yourself projects. Some folks use it as a summer house. So it’s practical to get it properly lit to see you don’t hammer your thumb. Or trip over clutter on the ground.


Keeping your shed lit while you’re working is a good safety precaution too. Your solar shed light should ideally be giving you some strong light if you’re often working in there. For that, you need to buy a solar shed light with solar panels you could fix on the roof. They have to be large enough to harness lots of sunlight to charge your solar batteries.

Custom built sheds give you the option of installing regular lighting or a solar based one. If your shed came from Home Depot, you’ll find that the electrical wiring is in-built. Ignore the fitted lighting if you’re thinking about rigging a solar shed light. Alternatively, look for sheds that give you the option of installing solar lights.

Find out how long your solar shed light will provide brightness. Your best bet would be about 3 hours. Fix your solar shed light inside the shed and position the small solar collector on the outside wall or the roof. It’s quite unobtrusive so it won’t be standing out like a sore thumb. The collector traps solar energy that charges batteries used to give out light in the shed at night.

If you’re planning on staying in the shed longer, opt for more powerful lights. You want to have enough light to see what you’re doing. They’ll possibly cost a bit more, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Solar Lighting Around the House

Other types of lighting you might want to consider is solar landscape lighting to accentuate your garden. Place flickering colored lights strategically around your yard. Bathe the birdbath in blue. Get creative and fix a solar post light with a grinning gargoyle in your solar garden pathway.

When a solar shed light is coupled with solar powered garden lighting, it’s ideal for viewing your handiwork when you step out of the shed. Apart from being energy efficient, solar landscape lights bring style to functionality and provide delightful accents to your solar garden.

Gifting a Solar Shed Light

Do you know that a solar shed light probably makes a very nice gift for a gardening buddy? Forget the beer and buy him a DIY solar light kit that he can happily fix in his shed. Believe me, if he’s as fond of his solar garden as I am of mine, he’ll repay you with many acts of kindness for your thoughtful present. You’ll certainly provoke a stunning response from him – like “Wow! Just what I wanted!”


So where would you get that solar shed light then? Try Sears or Home Depot. They both usually stock a whole range of solar powered garden lights. You’re bound to find the right light for your requirements. In fact, you’d be spoilt for choice with the wide array of styles and designs available in the market. Buy something that comes with installation instructions or a booklet with diagrams. They’re easier to follow than lots of words on a white page. You won’t go far wrong when you’re consulting a guide full of easy-to-understand pictures.

A solar shed light shouldn’t set you back far financially. On the face of it, a lot of benefits accrue to you when you opt for solar lighting like free installation, no wiring and low maintenance. You’ll be joining hundreds of folks who’re committed to using solar for their lighting needs. And you can stay in the shed for as long as your light allows you after dark, crafting your woodwork project or glazing your pottery.

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