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August 2017
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Solar Powered Garden Lights Brighten Your Garden Economically

Thinking of lighting up your garden? How about choosing solar powered garden lights for a change? They’re loads cheaper than regular lights. What’s more – they use energy direct from the sun. That’s a free and renewable source that won’t give out carbon emissions that damage the environment. Wouldn’t you like to do your bit to preserve the Earth?


Hoist the Green Flag

Well, with solar powered garden lights, you can hoist the green flag high above your head! I mean, it’s not everyday that you get to see a ‘Go Green’ advocate. So you’d be joining an elite few who have opted to light up their solar garden with solar landscape lights. You get the benefit of gazing out over a colorful garden that’s flickering and twinkling at night. At no cost to you, I might add. At least not in the form of energy bills at least. That’s a pretty huge saving if you’re a fairyland fan and keen on lighting up your lawn all night long.

Having solar powered garden lights means you don’t have to link your lights to the power grid. No need for the cable guy to mangle your bushes, pulling wires all over the place. Or dig trenches to put stakes in for cords to coil around. There’s nothing to tape to the trees. Since your nearest power socket is probably in the house, it makes sense to go solar, don’t you think?

Keep Your Costs Down

You’ll keep you costs down with solar powered garden lights. You just make an investment up front for the light fixtures, solar collectors and batteries and then you’re done. Sounds like good news? I thought it might. Last time I checked, halogen bulbs didn’t last for years. That’s not the case with solar landscape lights. You don’t have to purchase replacements because the circuitry blew out. LED bulbs in your solar powered garden lights last a heck of a long time.


Okay, now that you got this far, let me tell you something else. You’ve got to be careful where you string up those solar powered garden lights. Nothing fixed in the shade will do you any good. There’ll be no sunlight to charge the batteries. And you’re going to need some darn good direct sunlight if you want your solar garden lit from dusk to dawn. By the way, the solar post light you’ve got standing next to the water fountain gets its cue to come on and off from sunlight. Works the same for the solar landscape lights – no sun, no fun.

Solar Garden

With all the improved visibility you’ll get with a solar garden, you might want to throw in a couple of solar deck lights, just to complete the picture. Have them in your patio where you could entertain your friends. They could gasp at your lovely solar garden, all bathed in blue and green and yellow light. Come Christmas time, string up solar Christmas lights and you’ll be the neighborhood marvel!

You should seriously consider showing off your beautiful landscaped garden and exotic orchids, gardenias and gladioli even at night. After all, not everyone’s got the gift of green hands like you do. What about the decorative sculptures, the garden gnomes and the Coliseum like pillars? Don’t you want people to admire them under the stars? Sure you do! So that’s how solar powered garden lights will be your best bet.

Install them Correctly

When you’re all fired up to go solar, get an estimate of how large your yard is. The bigger your solar garden, the more lights you’ll need. Then consider where exactly you’re going to fix the lights. They’ve got to be in places that have direct sunlight, remember? So don’t go fixing the vintage chrome solar powered garden lights under the ash tree at the bottom of the garden. You’ll be wasting your time because they won’t shine at night.

I’d say you probably need a fair number of lights to get your whole lawn looking pretty, especially if the glow is a bit suffused. Low light might give an ethereal appearance to your garden. But they’ll also throw weird shadows on the lawn that will set the dog barking. You don’t want to be kept up all night trying to get Fido to stay quiet, do you? Might get a nasty complaint from the neighbors too!


A brightly lit garden’s great for nighttime parties and barbecues. You also get a nice security feature with a lit up lawn. And if you’re in the mood for some garden romance, have fewer lights so the surroundings are dim.

Right then … what have you got to do next? Take a tour of my site, that’s what! I’ve put together lots of information about a solar garden and how solar powered garden lights can really enhance your exterior. Be in the forefront of the drive to safeguard the environment and go solar today!

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