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August 2017
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Solar Fountain Pump

Install A Solar Fountain Pump For A Lively Garden!

What’s a garden without a fountain? Put another way, what’s a solar garden without a solar fountain pump? A fountain running on solar energy is the epitome of splendor in your solar garden. In fact, it’s a focal point of excellent landscaping.


You could have water gurgling out of ceramic oysters. You could have it spewing out of cherubs balanced precariously on concrete clouds. Definitely a head turner, that.

So what’s the deal with a solar fountain pump? For one, you’re using solar energy – no pesky wires to deal with or protect from a downpour. It’s cost efficient as you’re not plugged into the power grid. You also won’t accidentally trip over loose cords or zap yourself on exposed or unearthed wires.

You can position your solar fountain pump smack in the middle of your solar garden. And no, the solar panels don’t have to be an eyesore. You can locate them some place that gets maximum light. The better angled they are to catch the sun’s rays, the better your fountain pump will work.

Solar Water Spouts and Garden Pool

It’s more of a daytime accent to your solar garden, that solar fountain pump. That’s because you need sunlight to get it to work. No sun, no water fountain. Your solar panels however, store the solar energy in lithium batteries that releases power at night.


So you can include nighttime enjoyment of your fancy fountain. You could even impress your guests with your solar landscape light too. That’s certainly a fixture that will shine during the darkest of nights.

A solar fountain pump can’t really work efficiently when it’s winter. You might have a problem with it when the sun’s heat is weak. Your best bet is spring and summer. That’s perfectly fine if you’re planning garden parties to show off your spectacular solar garden with its solar landscape lights. In fact solar powered garden lights would be classic to provide brightness in the night get-together of friends. You could have a masquerade outdoors too.

If you’ve got a pool in your solar garden, use a solar fountain pump to provide the water. It’ll keep the water constantly flowing, perfect for rearing fish too. A fish pond with water flowing under an arched wooden bridge is a pretty sight in an exquisite garden. Stagnant water might be a breeding ground for insects so the pump comes in pretty handy. These days you’ve got to be a bit of a do-it-yourself aficionado if you want to keep the costs down. And a solar water fountain is right up your alley, my friends. Low cost, easy to install and even easier to use!

Efficient Use of Cash Resources

The bottom line about money is that the less you spend, the better off you are. That’s where the solar fountain pump and the solar landscape lights will not make a massive dent in your paycheck. You’ll agree with me that fish ponds and garden pools need to have the water running all night long right. That’s 24/7.


Just take a pad and pencil and calculate the cost of conventional power to keep your water garden running year round. In a word, astronomical! Not so with a solar fountain pump. Your cash resources are more efficiently utilized maintaining your solar garden than switching to a wired power source. You see, once you install your solar gadgets, they run on the sun for as long as you don’t dismantle the solar panels.

Energy bills will take a nosedive with your solar fountain pump. Add to the beauty of your landscape with a solar landscape light focused on your fountain or garden pool. A solar post light can illuminate the driveway with a grinning gargoyle staring down. Dazzle your neighbors with solar powered garden lights. You might end up keeping them up at night! Take it a step further and have a solar flood light to really captivate your audience!

Solar Birdbath

You know what else you could do with a solar fountain pump? Give the birds a drink. A solar birdbath will really fire up your solar garden.

Give it a spot of uniqueness that’s seldom rivaled. Get yourself in the good books of your nature loving friends and associates. You might even get to transform your little backyard into a veritable zoo of fluttering and twittering sparrows. And maybe listen to noisy magpies having a good gossip by the water fountain.

So in the final analysis, a solar fountain pump livens up your garden no end. You get to show off your solar garden with its gorgeous fountain to night visitors. Your fish pond will score points aesthetically and ethically. And your birdbath will make you plenty of winged friends. You’ll save on energy and maintenance costs. And probably have the neighbors yapping over your ingenuity and creativity!

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