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August 2017
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Solar Water Pump

The Low Cost Way To Liven Up Your Garden

Would you like to design your garden in such a way that you have all sorts of attractive lights, fountains and ponds to dazzle your friends with?


Have you been prevented from indulging in your passion because of the high cost of conventional electricity? Well, you can opt for solar power instead and cut your energy bills drastically.

How would you go about having a fountain that runs on solar energy? Start by having a solar water pump. You need a water pump to make the water spew out of the figurines in the fountain, right? What better way to do that than with a solar water pump! You see, what a pump that runs on solar energy does is use the sun’s energy to pump water into the fountain so that it can gurgle and shoot out from the narrow muzzles in the figurines.

Circulating the Water

You can also use a solar water pump for circulating the water in your garden pool. As you’re probably aware, the water in your pool shouldn’t be stagnant. If it is, this will cause insects to breed. It will also cause algae to form and stagnant water is very unhygienic. You need to have the water constantly circulating and oxygenizing the water. That way, you’ll be able to rear fish in your pond as well. No fish will be able to survive for long in water that isn’t circulating all the time. And that means 24/7, in which case a solar water pump comes in very handy.

Can you imagine what it will cost you if your water pump ran on conventional electricity? A whole lot in cash, I can tell you. The way to avoid this unnecessary spending on utility bills is to switch to solar. A solar water pump relies on renewable energy that’s absolutely free. So, not only will you be saving on energy bills but you’ll be doing your part to save the environment as well.

Enhance Your Pool

You can further enhance your pool by building a pretty arched bridge over it. Place some cobbles at each end and plant tulips and begonias. Accentuate the ensemble with solar landscape lighting. Put in several different colored bulbs to reflect the unique beauty of your pool or fish pond.


With your solar water pump, you can be certain that you’ll have the water circulating throughout the night. This can occur because the batteries store the energy during the day. This energy is then released gradually at night to power the water pump.

Remember that you have to position the solar collectors in an area that gets plenty of sunlight. The batteries must be charged for 8 hours during the day if you want the solar water pump to function for several hours during the night. Once the sun goes down, there won’t be any solar energy to charge the cells. So to keep your solar garden powered after nightfall, the solar collectors have to be properly angled to catch as much sunlight as possible.

Solar Water Spout

Your solar water pump allows you to install a solar water spout. This is a fantastic embellishment to your solar garden as you can get a drink from the spout when it’s high summer. It’s also perfect for the kids to gulp down water while they’re playing outside in the garden. Children love playing in water and when your solar garden has a water spout with a solar water pump, they’ll be drawn to it like bees to honey.


Among the other things that your solar water pump allows you to install is a birdbath. This is perfect complement to any birdhouses you may have put up for the birds to nest in. You’ll draw many birds to sip at your birdbath and twitter over the refreshing water. Before long your birdbath will be attracting plenty of new visitors who will be thrilled at the prospect of cooling themselves and having a drink during a hot summer’s day.

The absolute best thing about a solar water pump is that you can have the luxury of a birdbath, a pond or pool and a fountain all running at the same time at very little cost to you in terms of energy bills. Since the source of power is the sun, you don’t have to worry about a utility bill at the end of the month or grumble over rising energy costs.

Whether you’re using your solar water pump to install plenty of lovely accents to your solar garden or just using it for a fountain, you’ll be sure to enjoy lots of cost savings. And since you can decorate your solar garden so cost effectively, perhaps it’s time you decided to go solar and get yourself that solar water pump today! Just take a look around my site. I’m certain you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the solar department.

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