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August 2017
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What’s all the hype about solar powered lights? Well, for one it uses as alternative energy source the sun, so people like you and me can save on costs. I mean, it’s not like things are getting any cheaper these days, you know. These solar powered lights use something called photo-electricity for energy. It comes from a process called photovoltaic.


How does this process work to produce energy? Simple, really. What happens is that the rays of the sun shine on cells called photovoltaic cells. These cells then convert the rays of the sun, otherwise known as solar rays, into the kind of electricity that powers up the lights. So that’s how the solar powered lights get the energy to light up at night.

Why use solar powered lights?

Lots of folks who have bought into the whole idea of solar powered lights, actually use solar power for outdoor solar lighting in their solar garden. But what exactly would prompt these people to revert to solar power instead of conventional electricity anyway? Remember what I said earlier about saving costs. Well, a solar garden that’s full of solar powered lights not only looks great but it’s cheaply lit the whole night through.


That’s right. Your garden can remain all lit up from dusk to dawn at no cost to you. How? From the stored energy in the photovoltaic cells, that’s how. The thing about solar powered lights is that you don’t have to remember to flick on a switch when it gets dark. The solar cells have sensors that automatically light up your solar garden when it starts to get dark.

Imagine not having to think about switching your lights on or off. Quite a relief, if you ask me. Many times, people tend to forget to have the outdoor solar lighting on because they’re too busy with lots of other things to do. So what better way to ensure your solar garden looks bright and breezy than having a whole host of solar powered lights go on at night and off at daybreak like clock work.

Another fine thing about those solar powered lights is the fact that you’re not plugged into the power grid. That means you’re not using conventional power sources for your outdoor solar lighting. Therefore you’re not contributing to the loss of fossil fuel and the escalating greenhouse effect. By choosing not to use energy that’s obtained in part through the burning of fossil fuel, you’ve made your stand for a greener, cleaner environment. And we all know just how bad the state of environment really is.

Save on Utility Bills

You also don’t pay any utility bills for your solar powered lighting. As all the fossil fuel gets used up, electricity bills start shooting up. Since you’re using outdoor solar lighting for your solar garden, you don’t have to worry about the rising energy costs. That’s probably what your neighbors are doing. When you don’t pay part of your utility bills, that means you have some pretty good cash left over at the end of the month. Which means you can easily start investing in even more solar powered lights and save even more cash! Sounds like a recipe for saving lots of money pretty quickly, don’t you think?

Okay, so now that you’re hooked on the whole solar garden stuff, let me tell you another thing your solar powered lights do. They don’t pollute the environment. No, sir. Not one bit. That’s more than you can say about the power grid, though.

It makes a lot of sense, really, to get your solar garden going. You see, your outdoor solar lighting doesn’t have any cables or wires. You can put them anywhere you fancy in your garden and they’ll give off a lovely suffused light in the dark. You can buy these solar powered lights at your local Sears or Home Depot. They don’t cost an arm and a leg and come in all sorts of fancy designs to suit even the most discerning of tastes.

Simple Process

The reason more people haven’t tried solar powered lights for their garden is because they think it’s a complicated process. As both you and I know, that’s furthest from the truth. Using solar powered lights is a real easy D.I.Y.  job you can do in next to no time.


You don’t have to be bothered about cables or wiring making your garden look ugly. You don’t have to dig trenches to stick in electricity poles to drive the energy. Just find a spot where the solar panels can get direct sunlight, set up your outdoor solar lighting where you like to and you’re done.

Fixing your solar garden up with solar powered lights is a fantastic cost saving option that also lets you do your bit for the environment. You’ll get power on the cheap for next to almost nothing without unsightly cables sticking out of your rose bush.

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