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August 2017
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Solar Christmas Lights


Dazzling Lights Powered by The Sun!

It’ll be Christmas pretty soon. Time to start the decorating the yard and home for the holiday season. Ever thought of creating a dazzling display of Solar Christmas Lights?


Why use solar to light up your Christmas decorations? Actually, why not. I can mention some darn good reasons for switching to solar. Other than the fact that they look just as good as regular Christmas lights, you won’t be damaging the environment with gas emissions. And you’ll be doing your part to preserve what little we have left of the natural world.

What’s more, no electrical wires will run from your garage to your yard. You don’t have to add extension cords to position your Christmas decorations around your front lawn. You don’t have to keep buying new lights every year. Make one purchase, and you’re done.

Have you noticed how you always have to put the Christmas lights on a tree that’s close to the power socket? Well, with solar Christmas lights, you can locate your tree and tassels just about anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Since you’re using solar energy, you don’t plug into the power grid. No fire hazards to worry about, either. And no more anxiety about high energy bills come January!

Christmas Lights in a Solar Garden

Sparkling solar powered garden lights come on dramatically at night. Batteries get charged during the day so your solar panels have to be located some place that gets maximum sunlight. Then run the wires to your lights in the yard.


Solar Christmas lights use LED bulbs that have a long shelf life. Imagine not having to visit the store to replenish your lights every single year. Saves quite a bit on the paycheck, if you ask me. And that’s more than welcome when we’re all doing some serious belt tightening.

You could entwine your solar post light with red and green blinking Christmas lights. Embed blue lights in your fish pond or garden pool. Get creative and carefully position colorful lights in your flowerbeds. Transform your solar garden to a festival of fanciful lights of various shapes and designs. You might even want glam up your mailbox – a bit like a light in a pumpkin.

Installing Solar Christmas Lights

Getting your lights to work is really easy. You don’t have to lug around a technical manual or refer to detailed diagrams to connect solar Christmas lights. Just string them up where you want them and they’ll flicker at night like clockwork. Hang them on the eaves of your home or in your solar garden. Put them on the shrubs in the garden or the cherubs in the fountain.


Take care that you’re getting enough sunlight to charge the batteries. Otherwise your lights won’t be blinking at Christmastime. Also, as the lights are electricity free, make sure you get good quality ones from the store. That means checking that the solar panels and batteries can provide the right amount of energy for your lights. Get the store clerk to help you out if you’re confused.

Get Creative

You could combine solar Christmas lights with solar deck lights. Have a couple of solar post lights standing as colorful sentries. And really shimmer and glitter your deck at nightfall.

For added creativity, put lights in your porch or your roof or the trees in the yard. The driveway and garage are ideal spots for some sparkling lights in the festive season. These lights function magnificently after dusk. They use less power and last longer, shaving off dollars on your energy bill.

There’s renewed interest in cost and energy efficient alternative solutions to conventional power sources. So you can be sure that you’ll find plenty of new styles and designs for your lights. You can’t even distinguish the strings for solar Christmas lights from the traditional electric ones. No one will even know you’re using them!


I can certainly vouch for the practicality of solar landscape lights. A large yard can be quite expensive to light up traditionally. But solar will Christmas lights will save you that headache. You could create your own prolific solar powered garden lights with fantastic, sparkling figurines grinning from every bush. At very minimal cost to you, too!

The pricing is pretty reasonable, as far as I can tell. Not enough to make you think twice about whipping out the credit card. That’s good news since Christmas has a way of depleting your cash resources faster than you could say “Jungle Bells!”

Dazzling solar Christmas lights are cheap and stylish additions to your yard or home. Your solar garden will appear like a fairyland at night if you tuck colorful lights among the flowers, bushes and shrubs.

Make your friends gasp in astonishment with a glowing blue fountain. Let your neighbors gawk at the twinkling ceramic mermaid in the middle of the fish pond. Invest in beautiful solar Christmas lights today!

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