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August 2017
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Solar Light
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Solar Flood Light

Keeping Your Home and Garden Secure

Are you complementing your home alarm system with a solar flood light? If you haven’t already, its’ about time you did.


Why a solar light? Because it’s cheap, it’s free and it’s clean, that’s why. It’s also very bright. Bound to keep any potential burglar at bay.

A solar flood light is pretty dramatic, don’t you think? Imagine having that glare in your eyes. Could literally blind you! That’s why it’s great as a security feature in your home and your solar garden. Puts off any potential intruder from considering a quick break in and carting off your silver heirlooms. Fix one above your doorway so it’ll reveal just about anyone who’s trying to slip into your home unseen.

Economically Sound

It’s a lot more affordable than conventional security lights. You could get one for less than $70. And you could buy several lights for different parts of your home. Like the garage, the porch, the backyard and the driveway.

Another thing I’ve got to mention – think about how much you’ll spend getting the wiring done with regular lights. A solar flood light doesn’t cost you any wiring charges because there aren’t any wires to begin with. You don’t plug any cables into the power socket. And you don’t flick on a switch to get the light going. Nothing of that sort because a solar flood light depends purely on the sun for energy. You should check your energy bill at the end of the month if you’re using regular flood lights. It might cause your heart to skip a beat in shock!

Going on Vacation?

A solar flood light is perfect if you’re going on vacation and don’t plan to be back for a week. The solar collectors that are exposed to sunlight will charge the photovoltaic cells which provide energy for the light.


When it gets dark, the light will come on automatically. With several lights positioned around your solar garden and house, your property will be very bright. The light will stay on till daybreak if the batteries are charged well. Then it’ll go off once the sun’s up. You save a whole lot of cash with a solar flood light instead of a regular light. Imagine how much it’ll cost you to keep your conventional halogen flood lights on 24/7 until you got home from your trip. Remember, these regular lights use up a lot of energy to brighten a small area. And the higher the wattage, the bigger your bill.

Combine Solar Gadgets

You could combine a solar flood light with solar deck lights if you’ve got a raised deck. For added protection, solar landscape lights could illuminate your entire solar garden. A solar lamp post could augment your solar lighting by standing sentry at the entrance to your driveway. Think about investing in a whole lot of different solar lights to really jazz up your solar garden.

If you’re concerned about style, my advice to you is – don’t be. There are lots of fancy styles to choose from – modern, vintage, art deco, take your pick. Go visit the local Sears or Home Depot and you’ll see what I mean.

Of course, it helps if you’re living some place that gets plenty of sunshine. You’ll save a whole lot more as the solar batteries get fully charged. The solar flood light stays on for several hours longer. The light is given off by LED bulbs that have a longer shelf life than halogen bulbs.

So you can shed light on your outhouse or barn that’s some distance from the main property. You won’t need to replace the light or fixtures as they won’t burst or burn out. Come to think of it, I reckon your savings are a lot more than just low energy bills. No more maintenance, replacement or repair costs to worry about. The maintenance guy isn’t exactly cheap, you know.

Correct Positioning

Your solar flood light will probably have two receptacles or heads. Position them high on the eaves of your home or the roof so that they shine directly on the ground surrounding your front doorway. Check that the arc of the light of wide. That way, you’ll be brightening a larger area. You might need to get several of these lights if you’ve got a large property.


You must fix each one high enough above the ground to really cast a strong glare across your solar garden. Don’t give anyone an opportunity to conceal themselves in your rose bushes.

Now that you know a bit about a solar flood light, it’s probably time for you to actually get one. Before you do though, take a look at my site and see what else your can have in your solar garden. You’ll be amazed at all the fantastic solar lighting you could have in your home – from solar landscape lights to solar Christmas lights!

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